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Rultract, the established standard for surgical retraction.

Rultract Official Service Notice
Rultract is the ONLY authorized service center
SPD, OR and User Manuals Available

Dear Rultract User,

Rultract® offers technical training through an instruction manual on hard copy, compact disc or download. We also have a video which includes an IMA procedure. Rultract® Instruction for Use manual covers proper care, cleaning, sterilization, placement of retractor, cable replacement and parts list. We also have an instruction booklet specifically for SPD. Electronic versions of all Rultract literature is available for download at the Rultract website, www.rultract.net

Repairs and updates are available to Rultract systems. Upon request, loaners are available in advance for a $65.00 charge plus shipping. All repairs carry a one-year limited warranty on parts.

Rultract® Repair Department Offers Two Services

Standard Service: Averages 3-4 business days after Rultract® receives authorization for repair.

Priority service: Rultract® offers a maximum 48-hour turn around after receipt of repair authorization for an additional $50.00 charge. To insure priority service, notify Rultract® before shipping. Ship via overnight freight to arrive at Rultract® by 10:30am EST. We will evaluate your equipment and submit a repair cost and time estimate to the contact person. After receipt of authorization, Rultract® will ship your repair within 24-48 hours depending on the amount of equipment and extent of repairs.

Note: For either service please enclose a packing slip with the following information. A contact person, telephone number, return shipping address and a description of work to be done.

Estimated Cost: Most ratchet/rake repairs average between $500 and $1000.00. If a complete system (ratchet/rake assembly, top post and table clamp) is returned and/or the equipment is older, this cost will increase. A new ratchet/rake assembly is $4,200.00. A complete set can range from $5,850.00 to $9,850.00.

Rultract® also offers a FREE 30-trail evaluation for new products of which you may have an interest in trying. Please issue a trial P.O. to include shipping and handling.

Please Note: Rultract® recommends a factory service every 12 to 18 months. Rultract, Inc. is the only authorized domestic service center for your Rultract® systems. Rultract® is not responsible for any device that is repaired, altered or modified in any way by the user or vender other than Rultract, Inc.

Return all shipments directly to:

Rultract, Inc.
Attn: Repair Department
5663 Brecksville Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44131 U.S.A..

We will be happy to assist you with anything to make it easier for you and your doctors to work with our retractor. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have an opportunity please visit our website at www.rultract.net. Thank you for your continued interest in Rultract, Inc.

Tammy Stonestreet
Service and Sales
Email: rultract@aol.com
East Coast: (440) 376-2077


Rultract Inc.
5663 Brecksville Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44131