Rultract® Skyhook Retractor Ratchet Rakes
4100-IMR-6 Ratchet / Rake Assembly with Snap Clip
4100-IMR-41 Ratchet Assembly with Snap Clip
4100-341 Snap Clip (cable and allen wrenches included)
4100-12 Sternal Rake, sharp tip, replacement rake for #4100-52
4100-20 Cable Replacement (allen wrench included)
4100-20P Cable Replacement Pack, Three (3) (allen wrench included)
4100-52 Sternal Rake Plate Assembly, Sharp Tip
4100-52D Sternal Rake Plate Assembly, Dull Tip
4100-52RDL Resternotomy Assist Retractor—Large Rakes (18mm)
4100-52RDM Resternotomy Assist Retractor—Medium Rakes (12mm)
4100-52RDS Resternotomy Assist Retractor—Small Rakes (8mm)
4100-52RDSH Resternotomy Assist Retractor—Small Hooks