Rultract® Skyhook Retractor Replacement Parts
4100-02 Rake Clamp
4100-341 Snap Clip (cable and allen wrenches included)
4100-03A Cable Set Screw
4100-12 Sternal Rake, sharp tip, replacement rake for #4100-52
4100-15 Spool Cap Nut
4100-17 Crank Handle Sleeve
4100-18 Crank Handle Screw
4100-19 Cable Access Plate
4100-20 Cable Replacement (allen wrench included)
4100-20P Cable Replacement Pack, Three (3) (allen wrench included)
4100-33P Rake Clamp Screw Pack 1/4-20 x 1/2" (Set of 4pcs)
4100-50 Gearbox Assembly
4100-52 Sternal Rake Plate Assembly, Sharp Tip
4100-53 Crank Handle Assembly with Shaft
4100-52D Sternal Rake Plate Assembly, Dull Tip
4100-59-07B Coupler Bar Replacement, 7" long
4100-59-08B Coupler Bar Replacement 8 ¼" long
4100-59-11B Coupler Bar Replacement 11 ¼" long
4100-59-03 Coupler Tube, 2 each required per assembly
4100P-05 Ratchet Cover Plate Screw
4100P-11 Cable Access Plate Screw
4100P-12 Large Allen Wrench - 5/32"
4100P-13 Small Allen Wrench - 1/8"